Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Mumz tomato sauce

My daughter loves pasta as a quick meal but will only eat it with tomato ketchup EWWWW.
Today I came up with a cunning plan.... Mumz tomato ketchup! Hurrah!
I basically used a tin of chopped tomatoes, little bit of garlic and a teaspoon of sugar to make it a little like the real thing. Boiled them all up, puréed them then passed through a sieve before pouring into a saved ketchup bottle for authenticity.
Voila, two fooled children and one happy mum.

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Christmas crafts

A couple of pics of Christmassy things we have made.

Christmas preparations

I have decided to document my run up to Christmas, how we as a family prepare and have fun.
This weekend we cleared out our loft and in doing so have found a bag of Christmas decorations from last year so the excitement levels are starting to rise along with the stress levels. Usually by now I have bought most of my christmas gifts for family and friends but this year I seem to be slacking. I thought by starting this I can get myself organised in time for the big day.
We will be decorating the first weekend in December so have a bit of a clean up operation to start next week. I am also trying to do things on a tight budget this year so have been utilising pinterest for ideas the kids and I can do to make decorations or gifts.

This week I am busy with school fetes and house parties trying to sell a lot of Christmassy gifts me and a friend have made, things like, cookies for Santa, reindeer food, Reinbeer, and gifts for teachers etc. I'll upload some photos of these later.

My girls are getting very excited and looking forward to meeting Santa before Christmas to let him know what they would like IF they are good. They will know how they are doing when they get a message from Santa from

Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Welcome Back...

I have been absent from blogland for quite some time, so I thought as a welcome back to myself I would re-design my blog so hey presto, I have a new blue and red blog which seem to be my favoruite colours at the moment.
I have a new addiction in the form of Pinterest and have been looking through it creating wish lists, inspiration boards, things I like, etc for hours now.
I have made tonnes of cakes too since my last post and have been doing a few decorating things indoors too.
Here are a few of my favourites.... forgive me, I am no photographer.

I also had my first sale at a school fete, I made and sold 200 cakes

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Happy New Year!

Happy new year!
I haven't really set myself any resolutions this year because I just never stick to them. I have a few targets this year though so I am aiming to loose some weight before I am a bridesmaid in June (doesn't help with all this cake making LOL), I bought a Wii a while back for this task and have gained 8lb since I last used it!!!! not good.
I would also like to get the house organised, we have had alot going on since we bought the place and have stuff in every room that needs a home so time for a clear out, tidy and get organised.
I am starting with all the kids toys, the Playroom (that I still need to post photos of) is looking very messy and full of junk the girls no longer play with.
I also want to sort out an area to keep all my cake necessities in one place. I have an area in the kitchen ready for this purpose I just need to buy a few bits and bobs to get started.

I have two cake orders this weekend so will also post some photos of them when they are finished, I have become a bit lax in taking photos of my cakes so haven't posted for a while.

Hope everyone is well and had a lovely Christmas and new year.

Charlotte x

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Coming along nicely...

I havent posted for a while, been quite busy but I can't put my finger on what I have been so busy with, hopefully I'm not the only one like that.

The playroom is coming along nicely, all the furniture has been assembled and put up, I have made all the soft furnishings that needed making and am waiting for a few items I have grabbed from ebay and then all will be revealed.

I am quite pleased with myself for the items I have made, I am a novice sewer and before now had only made a pegbag. I have made curtains, a door stop and some book slings which I am most pleased with as they have saved me a fortune.

There have been a few new cake creations since my last blog update, some pics below...

Thursday, 2 September 2010

At last...

I have finally convinced H that it is a good idea to make a start on the play room. I have bought the soft furnishings, well the curtains that I am going to cut up to make other things, and now need to drag him shopping for the heavy stuff.
I am hoping to one day have an entry on one of my favourite blogs so will see how the play room hacks come together, they might be rubbish LOL!
I have cakes to make this week and got started today, I have 100 mini cupcakes with a small cake at the top of the cupcake tower, I also have a toy story themed cake to make which I am very excited about, I love making cakes I haven't tried before. I will show it to my 3 year old before I give it to my friend to see if it passes the test, if she knows what it is then there is hope for me yet!.
ttfn x